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We're Attending Anthropy23

A blue toned graphic with the words: Eden Project 1-3 November 2023. We're attending Anthropy23. Looking forward to being inspired, getting involved and making an impact.

We are pleased to announce that the GoCollaborate team will be attending the Anthropy event in Cornwall 1-3 November - #Anthropy23

The alignment between Anthropy’s mission and our own is compelling, and here's why:

🟠 Anthropy's Mission: Anthropy aims to inspire a Britain that is more positive, sustainable, equitable, and successful, encouraging leaders to contribute to the national narrative through collaborative, long-term thinking.

🟠 GoCollaborate's Mission: We focus on empowering local communities to contribute to the conversations that shape their environments. By providing an affordable online consultation and engagement tool, we bridge the gap between community voices and actionable change.

How Our Missions Align:

1️⃣ Long-Term Focus: Both Anthropy and GoCollaborate emphasise the importance of sustainable development that will benefit communities for years to come.

2️⃣ Equity and Inclusion: Anthropy’s vision for an equitable Britain resonates with us. Our platform is designed to make sure every voice is heard, contributing to a balanced dialogue.

3️⃣ Commitment to a Better Britain: Anthropy seeks to inspire a more positive and successful Britain—a mission that dovetails with our commitment to help communities be better places to live, work, and play.

4️⃣ Collaborative Thinking: Anthropy promotes collaborative thought leadership, which aligns with our core mission to encourage community engagement and conversation.

If you're involved in neighbourhood planning, work for a parish or town council, or are a local council officer or housing association lead, we would be delighted to connect with you at the event. Let’s explore how we can contribute to building a better Britain together.

GoCollaborate and partners in attendance at Anthropy23:

All 3 days:

Neil Kirkland - Chief Exec, GoCollaborate

Katerina Sukstul - Head of Platform Delivery, GoCollaborate

Matthew Ville - Founder, Hiyield Ltd (our platform technology partner)


Mark Luxton - Head of Business Operations, GoCollaborate (day 1)

Steve Besford-Foster - Independent Planning Consultant, PlanSupport (day 1)

Jon Rolls - Founder, BCause (days 1 & 2)

Darren Buckley - Commercial Director, Cornwall Chamber of Commerce (days 1 & 2)

Chris Weston - Director of Development and Commercial Services, Coastline Housing Ltd (parts of days 1 & 2 and all of day 3)

Paul White - Founder, eCulture Solutions (day 2)

Ian Harris - Cornwall Business Connections Ltd (day 3)

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