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Whilst traditional face-to-face engagement methods are important, there is a higher percentage of communities than ever that prefer to give feedback online. GoCollaborate's online community engagement platform enables multiple check-ins, not just one-hit participation, enables debate and informed feedback.

To fit your needs

At GoCollaborate, we work with you (and planning consultants and other professionals where relevant if you've engaged them) to deliver an accessible and enagaging consultation you need, for a price that fits your budget. That’s why, armed with our bespoke build capabilities, we are ready to discuss consultations; regardless of project or plan size, or budget.


Get it right first time

Whilst at first sight, low-cost first-generation online survey forms may seem attractive, they do not activate voices in the community and they're not engaging. It is easy to miss the hidden costs (and challenges) that come from; building and deploying these, analysing and reporting their results and ensuring GDPR compliance.

Quality responses

There is also the matter of requiring 'informed' responses and from this, the need for easily accessed information that supports the questions being asked, including map-based data. An ability that GoCollaborate's platform can offer bountifully.

Finally, don't forget that multiple surveys are likely to be required for projects and plans of any complexity. GoCollaborate can build upon surveys that have already been conducted so as to accumulate a digital community of residents over time, whilst also presenting evidence from earlier consultations.

Built for you

Here at GoCollaborate, we take the time and trouble to build the platforms and consultations you need to get informed engagement, and in doing this we remove much of the pain of low-priced and limited online surveys, to just leave you with the results that you want.

We have over 60 years of experience of consulting and working with towns and parish councils, Housing Associations, developers and communities. We have award-winning communications and planning expertise on the team, so you can be assured that we are ideally placed to work with you.

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