About GoCollaborate

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The Co-Founders of GoCollaborate (Neil, Josh and Katerina ) were brought together in September 2019 as part of the Launchpad incubation programme at Falmouth University. Originally tasked with the challenge of increasing community engagement in developing Neighbourhood Development Plans, and with support from Cornwall Council, the EU’s European Research and Development Fund and Research England, the team have developed a totally new way of engaging with local communities to develop their Neighbourhood Development Plans.

Ultimately, the team's vision is to provide a service that helps planning groups get better, more representative engagement on plans that will ultimately aid in building better, more sustainable places to live for those who call it home. 

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Our 12- step Process

If you're interested in producing a Neighbourhood Development Plan but are daughted by what is involved, take a look at our simple '12 Steps to producing an NDP' process. With each step being supported by guidance and the GoCollaborate platform making simple work of the statutory consultation and feedback requirements, producing an NDP does not have to be a time consuming, never ending, nightmare. Fully supported by the GoCollab team we'll also help you to progress any non-planning matters identified as required by your community. So why not take the plunge and together we can arrive at an NDP that your community will be proud of.

1. Initial Events

Community events resulting in Local Council identifying volunteers for Steering Group.



2. Area designation

Local Council identifies NDP area designation and agrees it with the Strategic Planning Authority.

3. Steering Group

The NDP Steering Group is formed. Where the Chair and Constitution are agreed by the Local Council.

4. Initial Consultation

Initial Community Consultation conducted which identifies the priorities and concerns of the community.

5. Consultation Plan

Local Council agrees Consultation Plan including Topic Areas, Specialist Review requirements and NDP budget.

6. Topic Consultation

Consultation on the Topic Areas and feedback to the community (Bi-monthly).

7. Specialist Reviews

Specialist Reviews completed and community feedback.

8. NDP Draft

Findings drawn together and outline NDP produced for Local Council review and feedback.

9. Issues Consultation

Issues Consultation (should key findings require additional consultation) and feedback to the community.

10. NDP Draft approved

Draft NDP agreed in principal by Local Council.

11. Pre-Submission Consultation

 Pre-submission consultation and feedback including plan adjustments.

12. Plan Adopted

Formal referendum which, should it be approved, will lead to NDP adoption.

Through Covid-19

The pandemic has increased the challenges in engaging effectively with the whole community. By providing this online collaboration tool for communities, we can almost completely minimise the risks that vulnerable people may face.