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A team dedicated to delivering highly informing, accessible, representative community online engagements and consultations.

A bit more about us...

The Co-Founders of GoCollaborate (Katerina, Neil and Josh) came together in 2019 through the award-winning Launchpad Business Incubation and Acceleration programme at Falmouth University. Originally tasked with the challenge of increasing community engagement on Local Plans, the team soon realised that the real opportunity was to enable communities to have their say on community projects and developments, using an accessible and more engaging consultation platform. To create better and more sustainable local environments.

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With a terrific blend of youth and experience, business acumen and creative talent, the team have now been joined by experts in planning,
communications, web design and digital platform development and of course, our partners at Coastline Housing Limited. Together the GoCollaborate team now have over 60 years of consultation and engagement experience.


Helping communities deliver change and improvement is however not enough for the team. In the words of our Chief Executive:
"GoCollaborate is not just about the money, it is about what we do, how we do things, how we work together with communities and providers, and how we seek to deliver for everyone".

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Homes for Cornwall

GoCollaborate is supporting the Homes for Cornwall initiative. A movement that seeks to bring fresh thinking, bold commitments, and creative approaches to how we crack the affordable homes crisis in Cornwall.

Homes for Cornwall reflects the ambitions of GoCollaborate, to help build better, sustainable communities, not just homes.

Find out more at

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