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This is how we can help town and parish councils, community groups and community interest companies, work with their communities to make their places better, more sustainable places. The opportunities in this space are very significant given the levelling-up, high street and town funding now available.

Working with your communities

For many sitting on local councils, working with the community is a near thankless task with the feeling that no matter what you do, many people will not engage or will misunderstand the issues and the motives behind new ideas. GoCollaborate offers the opportunity to engage cost-effectively with the community to identify issues, develop solutions and deliver together what is required to improve your area.

This will mean that the funds now available through levelling-up and other investment schemes can be better secured and used. Furthermore, with GoCollaborate’s retained planning consultants, groups will have access to set-up and health-check support, and expert advice as and when needed.


Asia Grzybowska at Smallwood Architects, part of Helston's Place Shaping -


Asia Grzybowska at Smallwood Architects, part of Helston's Place Shaping -

How can we help you?

The GoCollaborate service enables town and parish council project groups and community interest companies to cost-effectively canvas views on projects and developments, greatly aiding the analysis of costs and benefits of all options.

As projects progress, the platform can be evolved to capture more detailed feedback on selected options, and to report back on final proposals. The added benefit of this is that those who were connected and engaged at the earlier stages can be encouraged through their registration, to engage throughout the progress of the projects including the later stages.​

Through our retained planning consultants, groups can increase their chances of successfully completing projects whether this be a simple parish improvement initiative or something on a more transformational level.

Informed comment

Unlike other electronic surveying tools, our platform allows for issues and opportunities to be explored interactively, alongside survey questions. They can be configured to encourage the exchange of ideas from respondents. It also enables the better-informed comments that result, to be offered up for all in the community to consider.

Ease of reporting

The platform takes the pain out of monitoring, managing, and analysing the incoming responses and removes GDPR risk. Critically through this, at each stage the results of the consultations can be fed back very quickly and easily, to inform the community on what is being said and how the project group is responding. This enables the community to be kept informed and motivated to continue to be engaged and encourages support.

In addition to timely and cost-effective consultation on regeneration and development projects, the platform can also be used by councils to reach out and work with their communities on any other issues that require change, such as the management of facilities, parking policies, and future investment plans.

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