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New at The Consultation Institute: Creative Services for video creation in council communications

View of a videographer in action with the subject (a woman on a chair with books on shelves behind) blurred in the distance.

As pioneers in consultation best practice, The Consultation Institute (tCI) has always been at the forefront of empowering organisations with the tools and know-how to engage effectively with the public. They have recently announced a new creative offering – bespoke video production services as well as best practice guides.

With a legacy of setting the gold standard in public and stakeholder consultation since 2003, tCI understands that the essence of successful engagement lies in clear and compelling communication.

Why video? In an era where digital content is king, video has emerged as an indispensable tool to capture attention, convey information, and inspire action. It's more than just a social media trend; it's a powerful medium that brings consultation topics to life – from neighbourhood planning to new housing initiatives.

Here's why incorporating video into your council communications can be a game-changer:

🟠 Accessibility: Videos can break down complex information, making it easier for everyone to understand and engage with.

🟠 Visibility: Multimedia content stands out in busy newsfeeds, increasing the chances that your message will be seen and heard.

🟠 Emotional Connection: Videos have the power to tell a story and evoke emotions, fostering a stronger connection with your community.

🟠 Engagement: Dynamic video content can boost interaction, encouraging more members of the public to participate in the consultation process.

Their video production services are tailored to the unique needs of parish and town councils, housing associations, and related organisations. Get in touch to see how they can help you create videos that not only inform but also inspire your community.


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