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Unlock the full potential of your Online Community Engagement

With the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the face of community engagement has changed significantly. But are you optimising your online community engagement efforts effectively?

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The digital age has opened a myriad of opportunities to optimise community engagement. From virtual town hall meetings, online discussion forums to data-driven decision making, the possibilities are boundless. This digital transformation doesn't just bring us closer, but it strengthens our democratic processes, allowing for more transparency, inclusivity, and accessibility.

However, the road to successful digital integration isn't without its challenges. Whether it's the digital divide, privacy concerns, or managing misinformation, it's essential to approach these challenges proactively to reap the benefits of online engagement.

This article delves deeper into the realm of online community engagement, offering practical solutions and tips to effectively navigate the digital landscape.

It is a must-read for town and parish clerks, local councillors, Neighbourhood Development Planners, Community Interest Companies and Housing Associations looking to bolster their online community engagement strategies.

Author: Mark Luxton, our Head of Business Operations (connect on LinkedIn)

Event: Society of Local Council Clerks, Planning Summit, 5 July (register today)

Remember to optimise your online community engagement efforts and let technology be a bridge, not a barrier


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