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Case Studies: Neighbourhood Development Plans (NDPs)

An overview of four consultations GoCollaborate conducted with various NDP groups in Cornwall.


Neighbourhood Development Plans affect everyone in the local community and it is vital that the whole community has the opportunity to have its say. Done well, these plans make towns and parishes much better places to live in.

While traditional methods of consultation such as public meetings, leaflet drops and paper surveys work with some parts of the community, they can struggle to engage hard to reach groups such as young people, working people with limited time and the housebound. These processes are often very time consuming and can also be dominated by a small number of loud voices.

GoCollaborate is a community collaboration digital platform specifically designed to help you consult on Neighbourhood Development Plans.

Devised and developed in Cornwall, GoCollaborate’s digital platform sits alongside traditional methods, increasing their effectiveness by enabling all sectors of the community to have their say from the comfort of their own homes at a time which suits them.

Between October of 2020 and September of 2021, GoCollaborate worked with local groups in Portreath, Carn Brea, Redruth and St Keverne to pilot the groundbreaking digital platform.

GoCollaborate’s involvement provides groups with qualitative and quantitative data that enable them to move their plans forward with confidence, knowing that all their residents have had the opportunity to become fully informed on the issues affecting their local area and to put forward their ideas and suggestions.

Following these pilots, GoCollaborate has a platform that provides a whole host of different functions that benefit both the steering groups devising consultations and digesting data, as well as the community members whose voices are so vital to the plan’s success.

A Customer Portal has been constructed for Steering Groups to monitor the consultation in real-time and check its engagement progress. Allowing the consultation marketing strategy to be adjusted to achieve the most representative sample.

View and download our case study document featuring the experience and headline results of the consultation process from:

  • Parish of Portreath - a pre-submission consultation

  • Parish of Carn Brea - an issues consultation

  • Parish of Redruth - an issues consultation

  • Parish of St. Keverne - an initial consultation

Remember to optimise your online community engagement efforts and let technology be a bridge, not a barrier

Book a demo to learn more about how our online consultation platform can support your community now and future generations.

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