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Proposed Govt. Action to Tackle Short Term Holiday Letting — Neighbourhood Development Planning

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

[ATTENTION: town and parish clerks, local planning authorities, developers, neighbourhood development planning groups]

A view from the sea of a scenic coastal town in Cornwall, UK

The proposal would create a new use class, C5 short-term let, which means that the use of a dwelling house that is not a sole or main residence for temporary sleeping accommodation for holiday, leisure, recreation, business or other travel would require planning permission.

The new use class would mean that developers could provide new dwellings that are purpose-built as C5 short-term lets. The proposals would help deliver flexibility to properties used as a main or sole dwellinghouse, which could be allowed some short-term letting for up to a defined number of nights in a calendar year.

The proposals may have limited impact on the housing market and social effects of short-term lets, and local planning authorities and Neighbourhood Development Planning Groups will need to research and clearly evidence the justification for any Article 4 directions and planning policies needed to achieve the desired effects.


This is a summary of a more detailed blog by Steve Besford-Foster, a planning consultant, who supports NDP steering groups and Town/Parish Clerks in their Neighbourhood Planning activity.

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