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Empowering communities to protect and transform their neighbourhoods.

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Welcome to GoCollaborate

A ground-breaking digital platform which is transforming how communities and generations work together to make their places better, more sustainable places.

Although designed originally to consult on Neighbourhood Development Plans, our tailor-made, easy to use, information rich, platforms now go beyond that.


The platforms enable whole communities to work together to deliver improvement whether that be through sustainable planning, improving community facilities, protecting the green environment, enabling affordable housing or revitalising high streets, towns and villages.   








At GoCollaborate, we always look for new ways to improve. Recently, Smartline have helped us to do just that.

GoCollaborate has successfully implemented a new digital process to gain customer feedback via the platform. This development has been funded by Smartline, University of Exeter.

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Community Interest Company

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St Stephen in Brannel

Neighbourhood Development Plan

Satisfied Customers

Heather Mullin

Portreath NDP Chair

"Gocollaborate generated a big response in our consultation which has given us a lot of detailed information from a large number of people. Without Gocollaborate we could not have done this."

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The GoCollaborate platform is truly bespoke and we are really excited about working with communities to understand their needs and help deliver sustainable, cost-effective solutions. If our application sounds like something that could assist you, please fill out the form to the right to get in touch.

GoCollaborate is the trading name of GoCollaborate Limited, incorporated in England and Wales number 12915479

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