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Helston's Place-Shaping board used the GoCollaborate platform for multiple, iterative consultations to engage and consult their communities on Town Vitality Fund projects. Such as a new Cultural Quarter and new uses for empty premises.

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What was Helston up to?

Helston CIC formed a 'Place Shaping Plan' to execute various projects in and around the high street, off the back of some Town Vitality Fund money which had been awarded in March of 2021. 

Helston’s plan includes proposals to create an outdoor space for events, markets and community activities; measures to promote the conversion of empty high street premises for residential, community and workspace use; plans to improve transport connectivity around Helston; as well as improvements to pavements, paths, traffic flow and cycle ways in the town.

Why they chose us

Helston's Place-Shaping board were in need of a consultation product that enabled them to present their various projects in a visual and engaging way, whilst also taking valuable feedback on what was being proposed. They found GoCollaborate's engagement and consultation platform to be of particular interest as they were consulting on multiple projects regarding cycle paths, crossings and renovation of old buildings. This meant that they could present to their community where these projects were going to take place and where the proposed routes were going to lie in an interactive and visual way. They were then able to retrieve feedback geographically, such as where new cycle racks could be suggested.

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