A detailed look into how we can help your consultation, step-by-step.

From start to finish - an NDP's journey...

Our platform can be used for multiple different stages of an NDP's creation. For starters, it can be used for the initial data-gathering and policy-making step, by asking the community general questions about their ideas for protecting, enhancing and transforming their local community. Our portal allows planning groups to generate a report which massively aids in the interpretation of this data. This report can also be used to present back to the community, the findings from this initial consultation in the form of a 'holding page', once the consultation has closed. 

We feel that feeding back to the community is essential in keeping them involved with the process. The platform therefore includes a 'Consultation Notification' feature, which can be used to notify any users within that digital community with any updates such as results being published or a consultation being about to close.

The platform can then be used for more detailed data-gathering on the issues that were identified from the initial consultation. Here, more in-depth information can be presented to clarify perhaps on some areas of concern. Such as clarifying a development boundary (with data on approved housing permissions and council-owned land) or on the materials members of the community would like to see on new builds. 

After another potential holding page to feed back to the community on this consultation, the platform can then be used for Pre-Submission Consultation (Reg 14) to present proposed policies and seek views. Every stage runs alongside the planning group's full access to the Portal to stay up-to-date with the consultations progression.

Throughout this entire process, we also aid in Social Media support by advertising the consultation in a separate marketing strategy in community groups on Facebook. This ensures we capture as much of the community as possible.

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What we offer for Housing Associations

What we can offer to Housing Assosiations is similar to that of an NDP. A detailed consultation that can be followed by a Holding Page to keep the relevant residents informed about the development's progress. Within the platform we can include clear links and information to Housing Needs Registers so as to not only identify the real need for the development, but also help those who require a unit. 

What we offer for Project Delivery Groups

In a slightly different format, the platform can also be used to consult on individual projects within a community. Functioning as a point-of-reference for the progress of these projects all the way up to delivery. Examples include presenting interactive maps on potential new cycle routes where users can geographically comment about their opinion on these new routes. Or just presenting some foundation information on a project that is starting to develop, seeking simple views on what's been agreed thus far. 

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