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Initial consultation

Gathering your first bit of data

This first stage involves gathering a large amount of data about a neighbourhood. This will identify some of the things that may need to be protected or changed within a community. The feedback on these initial areas will be used to develop a range of ‘issues’ for the next stage of the consultation.

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Issues consultation

Identifying and clarifying key issues that came out of Initial Consultation

Using a web platform designed specifically for consulting on proposed 'issues', local residents will be invited to agree or disagree with the various issues, taking part in more detailed discussions and debates. The software will allow residents to view background documents and see what their neighbours are saying and thinking, as well as commenting themselves, with the addition of GIS mapping enabling them to focus on specific places on a map.. All of this data is collected and presented for Neighbourhood Development Plan steering groups to create a draft plan and enter the next stage of consultation.

Pre-Submission Consultation

Generating policies and getting the community's view

This stage enables the whole community to give their views on the draft plan. This allows final changes to be made before going to a referendum. The design of the platform allows all the plan's policies, supporting information and an interactive map (settlement development boundaries) to be presented in a clear and accessible way. Users can review each individual policy, leaving comments and agreeing or disagreeing with the proposals, as well as confirming whether they are in agreement with the whole plan.

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