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See how the use of the GoCollaborate platform can make the life of being a planning group, a whole lot easier.

Making consultation easier

We know that Neighbourhood Development Plans especially are developed by a small number of volunteers. That's why we want to provide the groups behind these plans with all the tools necessary to conduct an effective and efficient consultation. Saving time and work where it really matters.

This also reduces the costs of producing these plans, by giving them the tools to carry out surveys, analyse data and produce comprehensive reports to support the NDP process.

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Our Customer Portal

On top of the pre-existing ways we can make the consulting process easier for Planning Groups, we also offer access to the planning-group-only Customer Portal. This allows said groups to, among other things, see the engagement of the consultation in real-time, the demographics being engaged and a feed of real-time comments. Allowing said groups to post, if necessary, notifications to registered users or reply to topical comments as an admin. The portal also includes reporting features for the end of consultation.