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How can using the GoCollaborate platform improve the process and experience for community members?

Where it really matters

At the bottom line, ensuring that the community members answering questions and voicing opinions are well informed and familiar with the process is a very high priority. Without this, a consultation can result in being empty and unproductive. Therefore, we make sure to give community members the best user experience possible, with all the information they require to understand and form an educated opinion.

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Community Garden
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Broadening horizons

But it's not just about that. We want to give local residents the opportunity to put forward their ideas to improve where they live or voice their concerns about problems.  As part of this we want to go beyond planning matters such that we enable communities to capture, consider, plan and deliver wider community-based projects alongside of their more formal neighbourhood planning work.


Helping to build a fuller understanding of the challenges being faced in creating a plan.


Present potential ideas that could be considered for improvement


Revealing the art of what can be possible and pooling those ideas.


Facilitating the ability to voice community concerns and flag key issues in the area.


Presenting the comments of residents and enabling others to input and respond.