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Neighbourhood Development Plans affect everyone in the local community and it is vital that the whole community has the opportunity to have its say. 


Traditional methods of consultation such as public meetings, leaflet drops and paper surveys can struggle to engage hard to reach groups such as young people, working people with limited time and the housebound.  The process is often cumbersome and time consuming, and can be dominated by a small number of loud voices.


Gocollaborate offers a space where people can collaborate online to discuss the issues, challenges and opportunities facing their local community and develop the policies that will cover their Neighbourhood Development Plan.

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Our new, interactive digital platform sits alongside traditional methods, increasing their effectiveness by enabling all sectors of the community to have their say from the comfort of their own homes at a time which suits them.  


As well as providing access to the platform, we also support community groups to carry out their engagement, develop their draft policies and then produce the final document for submission.


By providing the infrastructure required for all three consultation stages, we are the only platform which supports the ‘end to end’ neighbourhood development planning process.

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