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The range of ways our services can help in your consultation.

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It can sometimes be difficult within the creation of a Neighbourhood  Development Plan or indeed any form of consultation, to get well-informed, representative responses. It can also be difficult to interpret the mass of data that comes out of a consultation. How can you ensure it isn't dominated by a small number of loud voices? How do you keep that community informed afterwards? How can you ensure those questions at the start of the process deliver real action?

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Now we're not saying that we have all the answers, but we can certainly help. The GoCollaborate platform (provided to all clients) creates a digital community where users can become informed about what's going on, answer any questions, comment their opinion and receive notifications should anything change throughout the process. An organisational portal is also offered which allows planning groups to see the demographics being captured, how the consultation is going in real-time and print reports.

How do we do it?

Our new, interactive digital platform sits alongside traditional methods, increasing their effectiveness by enabling all sectors of the community to have their say from the comfort of their own homes at a time which suits them.  


As well as providing access to the platform, we also support community groups to carry out their engagement, develop their draft policies and then produce the final document for submission.


By providing the infrastructure required for all consultation stages, we are the only platform which supports the ‘end to end’ Neighbourhood Development Planning process.

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Plans such as Neighbourhood Development Plans affect everyone in the local community and it is vital that the whole community has the opportunity to have its say.

Our process is highly accessible. With the platform being available on mobile, tablet and desktop without the need for a download.


These processes can often be complicated and use jargon. We make sure to explain every step as much as we can, helping everyone to become involved.


Our platforms present all relevant information in a user-friendly manner. Ensuring comments are as informed as possible.


Our public environments allow community members to discuss, vote on ideas and pin maps together. 


User registration requires a private postcode submission. Allowing responses to be filtered by area. Users can also comment geographically.


Our live data capture, reporting and notifying means that everyone involved in the consultation is up to speed.

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