Remote Working


See below what a typical user journey would be like when learning and contributing to an NDP consultation using GoCollaborate.

First arrival

Upon clicking on the platform link or scanning a platform QR code, the user will arrive at their relevant consultation platform. They can learn about what an NDP is, find out about the progress so far and see what themes are being consulted on.


Simply enter your name, email address and postcode to get started and see what YOUR neighbourhood has planned for the future. Your postcode will help us determine which neighbourhood you're from.

Learning about the plan

There's a lot you may need to know for you to decide on what's needed for the future of your neighbourhood. We provide all the information you need to make this decision. This could be map data, landscape assessments or proposed geographical boundaries.

Feeding back
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Texting on Mobile Phone
Website on Laptop
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Once you feel properly informed, you will be encouraged to give your views on what your neighbourhood is proposing to change and what is to stay the same. This feedback is crucial in creating a plan that reflects the interests of an entire community.